Strategy & Quality

The company C. Maraveas & Associates Co considers the quality of the products generated from this service, a fundamental parameter for the firm’s survival in the contemporary, demanding market. The company’s treatment of quality has so far been rewarded with the continued and systematic procurement by services with specific quality requirements.

Our policy

The company’s management and staff, constantly monitor, their corresponding share, for the implementation, observation and fulfillment of the obligations arising from contracts (quality demands, delivery schedules, costs). The company is committed to satisfying its customers' demands, ensuring that its personnel acquires an understanding of those demands, to the extent that each employee is involved.

In order to assist in the implementation of this policy, the company’s management has established and maintains a documented Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the Standard ISO 9001:2015. The operation of this system is assessed to determine its efficiency, and its processes/procedures are controlled to verify their proper implementation. To effectively address the introduction of the specific system, the company’s Management has taken all necessary action and has invested in depth of time.

With the conscious application of the Quality Management System and the adherence to its contractual obligations, the company aims to increase its shares in the market and maintain its position as one of the leading consulting and engineering firms.